Tuesday, April 3, 2007

May your words be sweet, just in case you have to eat'em up!

So when my little sister told me she wanted to move in with me, I almost fell off my chair!!!! I know, I know, I moved out on my own when I was 17 yrs old, and if I could do it, so can she. But she's my little sister!!!!! I still see her as a baby, eventhough she's 18 already, wow! this is going to be hell. Ohhhh but I love her so much, and maybe it will be a lot of fun........However, my life is going to take a COMPLETE change, in everyway. No more staying out until 7am, sleeping over someone else's house, no more late night rendezvous hahahaha. This is going to be hard! At first, I completely disagreed and wanted to proceed with my plans on moving to NYC. I guess God took that away from me and gave me another great opportunity...my job. In which I am very happy by the way. Its funny how your life can change in a matter of seconds.... I can't even think on where to begin with this new life that is coming towards me, its like i am adopting a full grown baby!!! My not-so-baby sister. I just know everything she is going to go through!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will kill me not being able to be with her every second! But i will take her everywhere with me! Parties, beach, friends, movies, everywhere i can. To be totally honest, at first I didn't want her to come at all!! She wants to be a doctor, and i even tried to convince her to stay home and study there. How wrong is that? VERY. It took me a while to comprehend her desire o just changing her life. I guess she is feeling the same way I felt a couple of years back. Who am I to take that away from her? My parents are going to be alone now... but i am being very selfish because I left home...and she has the right to as well. At least we will be together. The three of us, geez! Did i mention my brother moved in with me 1 yr ago? Well, he did. But he's 2 yrs old, plus a man. Less stress hahaha.
Anyway, so now I am excited that my baby sister is moving to Miami. Its going to be great taking her places. I can't wait, 9 months to go. (oh, wow! Just like a pregnancy, now thats freaky!!!)

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